Kurds suffer losses against ISIS in Iraq

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ISIS suicide bombers kill seven Kurdish forces, Kurds report

Peshmerga: ISIS attacks training area where Turkish forces preparing to retake Mosul, Iraq

Irbil, Iraq CNN  — 

Kurdish forces are battling ISIS militants on the ground in Iraq and Syria, and Wednesday brought more bloodshed for the Kurds, a vital member of the global coalition to defeat the terror group.

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Four ISIS suicide bombers killed seven Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga forces and injured five others early Wednesday in two locations near Tal Afar in northwestern Iraq, Peshmerga forces told CNN.

At the same time, ISIS fighters launched dozens of mortar rounds on a training camp in Bashiqa near Mosul, where Turkish forces have been training Sunni Iraqi troops, Peshmerga forces said.

Turkish fighters are training for an offensive they hope will recapture Mosul, the largest city that ISIS controls in Iraq. The area is a key location near the Mosul Dam, which controls a large portion of the water and power supply to northern Iraq.

Several Peshmerga as well as Sunni Iraqi soldiers were injured in the training camp attack, according to the Peshmerga.

CNN’s Ashley Fantz wrote from Atlanta, and journalist Muhammad Jambaz reported from Irbil.