Canada's safe injection center brings drug addicts 'out of the alleys'

Published 6:08 AM ET, Wed December 16, 2015
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Insite is a supervised drug injection center in Vancouver, Canada. Pictured, Steve, a long-term heroin addict, prepares to inject himself. CNN
It's located in the Downtown Eastside area of Vancouver, a neighborhood known for its poverty and deprivation. Pictured, a group of homeless and poor people seek shelter from the rain outside a store. MARK RALSTON/AFP/AFP/Getty Images
Crack pipes are sold through a vending machine at the local drug resource center for just 25 cents. Courtesy drug users resource center
The injection room is filled with booths where mirrors and lights help people inject correctly. AFP/AFP/AFP/Getty Images
Someone collects their kit filled with clean injecting equipment at Insite. Laurent Vu The/AFP/Getty Images
Insite opened in 2003, and is funded by taxpayers, at a cost of $3 million Canadian per year. AFP/AFP/AFP/Getty Images
Needle exchange is another strategy used to reduce infections among drug users. Pictured, used syringes are viewed at a needle exchange clinic in, Vermont, USA. Spencer Platt/Getty Images North America/Getty Images
InSite is based on this center in Bern, Switzerland. CNN