Scott Kelly's top shots from space

Updated 11:36 PM ET, Tue March 1, 2016
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NASA astronaut Scott Kelly posted some stunning photos during his yearlong mission aboard the International Space Station. He put the images on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. Scott Kelly/NASA
Kelly shared this photo as he started a 10-day countdown to his return. "I'm going to miss the colors of Africa!" he wrote on February 22. Scott Kelly from Twitter
On February 7, Kelly snapped this photo of Levi's Stadium, where Super Bowl 50 was being played in Santa Clara, California. "Got to see the #SuperBowl in person after all!" he said online. "But at 17,500 MPH, it didn't last long." Scott Kelly/NASA
On January 23, Kelly shared this photo of a massive blizzard passing over Chicago. "#Blizzard2016 gave us an impressive view below," he said. "Stay warm!" From Twitter
August 27: "Day 154. #Aurora's purple glow adds mystery to the nightscape. Good night from @ISS!" Scott Kelly/NASA
July 28: "#GoodMorning #Barcelona, #Spain! Looking beautiful as usual from @Space_Station. #YearInSpace" Scott Kelly/NASA
July 24: "#EarthArt #Galapagos, I can see inside you." Scott Kelly/NASA
July 19: "#Bahamas, the strokes of your watercolors are always a refreshing sight." Scott Kelly/NASA
July 12: "#Athens, #Greece, #GoodMorning from @Space_Station. Wishing you the best." Scott Kelly/NASA
July 13: "#MondayMotivation #Earth today; #PlutoFlyby tomorrow! @Space_Station; @NASANewHorizons #YearInSpace" Scott Kelly/Nasa
April 27: "Sometimes #Earth looks like another planet from @ISS." Scott Kelly/NASA
August 29: "Color palette of the #Spanish coast is an appealing morning view. #GoodMorning from @ISS!" Scott Kelly/NASA
July 25: "#Goodevening #Japan. Showing @Astro_Kimiya how to take pictures of #Earth at night." Scott Kelly/Nasa
April 6: "Australia. You are very beautiful. Thank you for being there to brighten our day." Scott Kelly/Nasa
August 31: "Day 157. At the end of the day, #sunrise will come again. Good night from @space_station!" Scott Kelly/Nasa