George Pataki not on Florida's GOP primary ballot

Miami (CNN)New Yorkers hoping to avoid winter weather have often found refuge in Florida, but one Empire State politician is getting the Florida ballot equivalent of the cold shoulder.

Florida's Secretary of State announced the candidates, who will appear on the state's March 15 primary ballot on Tuesday. Notably absent on the Republican side is former New York governor George Pataki, whose struggling presidential campaign has failed to muster enough interest.
Even former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore will be on the Florida ballot, despite having worse poll numbers than Pataki and only appearing in one debate.
According to the Florida Department of State spokeswoman, Meredith Beatrice, all primary candidates are determined by the state's political parties, and the Secretary of State certifies the candidates based on a list provided by party leaders.
    Pataki's campaign did not immediately return our requests for a comment.
    Pataki will appear at CNN's undercard debate Tuesday at 6 p.m. ET, alongside other candidates who have been polling at the bottom end of the crowded GOP field.
    Florida's primary falls on March 15, the same day as other big delegate states, like Ohio, Missouri, North Carolina and Illinois.