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How Nevada's UFO hunters view the 2016 race
03:18 - Source: CNN
In the Nevada Desert CNN  — 

Once a month, a small group of hardy Las Vegans head into the mountains to look for UFOs and – to hear them tell it – they find them.

“There is a lot of paranormal activity out here if you just open your mind and you go seek it” said B.K. Mojave as the lights of Las Vegas glinted in the distance.

With Area 51 – a capital of the UFO enthusiast community – about a two-hour drive from where CNN is hosting its debate Tuesday, we decided to go along and see what these skeptics had to say about the wild 2016 presidential campaign.

They were all critics of government, albeit for different reasons. One was open to European-style socialism while another supported government secrecy in all things extraterrestrial. Republican front-runner Donald Trump has his fans but so does Bernie Sanders, who is seeking the Democratic nomination.

The larger question on this windy night in the desert was whether the next president would even matter.

“When disclosure takes place,” said Alex Podovich, 54, referring to a moment when the existence of aliens is revealed to the wider world, “there’s nothing that we can do to change anything. Overnight, it will become a different life for everyone.”

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