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Kate Bolduan puts Lindsey Graham in the hot seat

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CNN's Kate Bolduan puts the South Carolina senator and presidential candidate on the hot seat

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Lindsey Graham might be stuck in the early debate on Tuesday night, but he has some seriously after-hours tastes when it comes to his Bond girls.

During a snappy and revealing chat about his personal life with CNN’s Kate Bolduan, Graham shared his keen assessment of Pussy Galore’s acting chops and explained how the worst job he ever had has now inspired him to make Bernie Sanders “look like a miser” when it comes to helping this group of low-paid workers.

Graham also recounted the painful details of his worst date ever (you’ll have to watch the video for more…) and noted the one thing that makes the hit Netflix series “House of Cards” totally unrealistic. Hint — and spoiler alert: It’s actually not the homicide in broad daylight.

So why did Graham agree to spill these beans and more to Bolduan? It’s a good question, and one the senator asks himself, before jokingly concluding, “This is why I’m at 1 percent!”