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The legendary American singer and actress compared Cruz to Judas Iscariot

Cruz responded to Cher on Saturday

Washington CNN —  

Ted Cruz turned the other cheek Saturday when he responded to a Twitter attack from Cher.

The legendary American singer and actress compared Cruz to Judas Iscariot, writing to her almost 3 million Twitter followers, “As Judas Was 2 Jesus,So IsTed Cruz 2America.Read What He’s Written&Watched What He’s Said,4 Yrs.He ALWAYS TERRIFIED ME💀#30piecesofsilver”

Her use of the hashtag #30piecesofsilver references the price that Judas was paid to betray Jesus in the New Testament of the Bible.

Cruz responded to Cher on Saturday, writing, “Cher, thanks for the kind sentiments. And I wish you a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.”

Cruz isn’t the first Republican presidential candidate that Cher has tweeted at in the past. Cher has also been vocal on Twitter about her dislike for Republican front-runner Donald Trump.

In one of her tweets this summer, she responded to a user’s tweet about the candidate, writing, “Donald Trump Can’t come up with a hairstyle that looks human,how can he come up with a plan to defeat ISIS.”

In contrast to her negative tweets about Trump, in October she compared him to his competition, saying Trump was a “giant” among the other top-tier candidates.

She tweeted, “Never thought I’d Say… Donald Trump is a Giant Among Gop front runners!! cruz=devil rubio=RAGE AGAINST WOMEN carson=JUST TELL ME WHY!?”

Earlier this year, the artist tweeted her presidential dream team, which included Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton as president and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, as her vice president.