John Kasich's super PAC escalates 'beef' with Donald Trump

John Kasich releases new ad
John Kasich releases new ad


    John Kasich releases new ad


John Kasich releases new ad 02:26

Story highlights

  • Kasich super PAC teases Trump with video of front-runner selling steaks
  • "When it comes to great steaks," The Donald says in the ad, "I've just raised the stakes!"

(CNN)In late November, John Kasich's campaign released an ad effectively comparing Donald Trump to Hitler and the Nazis.

On Friday, the Ohio governor and his allies -- who have been among the rare Republicans to consistent target the billionaire front-runner -- released a new spot mocking Trump's days peddling a name-brand steak line.
The ad begins with footage from a CBS News broadcast tossing to a speech from the White House. But instead of cutting to President Barack Obama in the East Room, Trump appears.
    "When it comes to great steaks," he says in his signature boast, "I've just raised the stakes!"
    Reviews of the product, none of them kind, pop up on the screen as Trump makes his way through the pitch. One from a "QVC Reviewer" describes the steaks as "tasteless and mealy." Another cites Time magazine's report the line had been "discontinued."
    The spot concludes with an image of what looks like the Chick-fil-A mascot cow, standing in front of a pile of fecal matter, with a sign on her chest reading, "Don't Buy Trump's."
    The ad, titled "What's at Steak" (get it?) was produced by the New Day for America super PAC and will be backed by a "six-figure investment," according to a statement released with the video by the group.
    "This is a guy who was hawking overpriced steaks on infomercials not long ago," New Day For America's Matt David said of Trump. "Now he wants to be our commander in chief, leader of the free world? It's a scary joke, and the only one laughing is Hillary Clinton -- all the way to the White House."