From conducting a train to a glee club

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  • Train conductor in Connecticut got the chance to conduct a glee club
  • The video went viral soon after Bob McDonough posted it on his Facebook page

(CNN)It was anything but a normal day for train conductor Bob McDonough.

The Stamford, Connecticut, man, who has been on the job for 30 years, encountered the Yale Glee Club aboard his train on Friday night.
He asked the group to sing so he could literally conduct them. The group sang "Carol of the Bells."
    McDonough posted the video, shot by two passengers on the train, on Facebook. It soon went viral.
    "I post it and you can see the counter, beep beep beep, going up like the stock market, it was crazy," McDonough told CNN affiliate WTIC.

    Not only did I have "The Yale Glee Club" riding my train into NYC on Friday, but later that night they were on my train back home to New Haven. I told them I was a conductor, so I must conduct...and somehow they bought it . Did I mention they go to YALE? Thank you to Greg Suralik (class of '17) and Nolan Crawford, for recording and emailing your videos to me.

    Posted by Bob McDonough on Monday, December 7, 2015
    "The kids were phenomenal. They were beautiful. Sounded like angels, and they were such nice kids," said McDonough.
    The video had over 2,000,000 views less than a week after it was first posted.