Azealia Banks: Donald Trump 'is really a f---ing idiot'

Washington (CNN)New York rapper Azealia Banks, who once said she "sort of" agrees with Donald Trump's immigration plan because it will ultimately help African Americans, is now calling Trump a "f---ing idiot."

While Banks made no direct reference to Trump's call for "a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States," her tweets come as the Republican presidential front-runner faces a global firestorm and bipartisan pushback over his latest proposal.
"Donald trump is really a f---ing idiot lol," the "Broke with Expensive Taste" rapper tweeted, adding in a series of tweets that while she "agreed with him one teeny-tiny-eeny-weeny bit on ONE tiny-teeny thing," Trump is "truly embarrassing the Gemini community right now. Way worse than I ever have... And that is saying ALOT."
    Noting that she and Trump share the same horoscope sign, the outspoken 24-year-old hip hop star added, "I hereby announce, on behalf of the entire Gemini community that Donald Trump is disqualified."
    A statement by White House press secretary Josh Earnest Tuesday that Trump's proposal to ban Muslims "disqualifies" him from serving as President sparked a social media wave, as #TrumpDisqualifiedParty trended on Twitter.
    Meanwhile, the billionaire mogul repeatedly defended his proposal, saying it is only "temporary" until "the country's representatives can figure out what's going on."