Donald Trumpkin survives Halloween, makes it to Christmas

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Donald "Trumpkin" the giant pumpkin lives on, much like his political counterpart this season

The "Trumpkin" is a 374-pound pumpkin caricature by Jeanette Paras

CNN  — 

Just as Donald Trump has weathered a season of political attacks, his “Trumpkin” has survived the elements.

The larger-than-life pumpkin caricature endured the fall and now he’s ready for Christmas.

iReporter Jeanette Paras transformed her 374-pound creation into the Trumpkin Elf, modeled after the naive, enthusiastic and eternally optimistic Buddy in the Will Ferrell movie “Elf.”

“I chose The Elf due to the irony that The Elf is so happy and positive whereas Trump, I mean Trumpkin, appears so, um, well … I will let the public decide,” she told CNN.

How does a giant pumpkin last so long? The Trumpkin got lucky, as fair weather conditions in Dublin, Ohio, slowed his decaying process.

The "Trumpkin" became the Trumpkin Elf this December.

Paras has been turning giant pumpkins into caricatures of celebrities and other noteworthy people since 1988. Other famous pumpkin victims include Kim Jong Un, Miley Cyrus as a wrecking ball and Phil Robertson from “Duck Dynasty.”

Live on Donald the Great “Trumpkin.” May we see you next year.

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