Moving while at work with these products

Published 5:26 PM ET, Wed December 9, 2015
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The new recommendations are to mix sitting with standing and moving at work. Gadgets and gears can help, even if you have to try out different ones until you find what works for you. shutterstock
Part of the problem with a standing desk is the strain it puts on your feet and legs. Fluidstance boards allow you to rock your weight side to side and back and forth, relieving that strain. Fluidstance
The Fundamentals EX Electric by Workrite is one of several standing desk options that looks like an ordinary desk until you push a button and up or down it goes. Workrite
Research by CoreChair suggests its product activates abdominal muscles more than a balance ball. But you can also just lock the chair in position and use it like any other chair. CoreChair
The Apple Watch monitors how long you've been on your butt, allows you to set goals for standing and moving, and sends you reminders to help you meet those goals. Apple
The Gold's Gym mini stepper gives you the feel of having a moderate workout, according to one user. The stair stepper is not all that different from marching in place. Gold's Gym
The Kinetic Desk M1 desk has sensors that detect whether you're seated or standing, and shifts slightly up or down (on its own!) to nudge you to change position. Stir
Seemingly the perfect antidote to a sedentary workplace is the treadmill desk, and there is no shortage of options. But these desks can put a real wrench in some types of work. Lifespan