'Softness in the struggle': Living with a disability

Published 7:56 PM ET, Tue December 8, 2015
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A Danish woman named Camilla works with a physical therapist during a weekly session in December 2014. Camilla has muscular dystrophy, and the exercises aim to stretch the muscles, release them from tension and delay the progress of the disease. Claudia Gori
Camilla feeds her twins, Agnes and Esther. As much as Camilla might like to lift her babies, she can't. Claudia Gori
Camilla is stretched during physical therapy. Claudia Gori
Camilla's oldest daughter, Ella, plays at home while Camilla puts on her makeup. Claudia Gori
A closeup of Camilla's back. Just as Camilla was open to welcoming a photographer into her home, she was willing to share intimate images of her body. Claudia Gori
Camilla gets on her knees to spend time with her twins. It's the only way she can hug them. "I saw, in one gesture, both struggle and sweetness," photographer Claudia Gori said. "That picture touches me in a very intimate way." Claudia Gori
"All the struggles are nothing compared to (Camilla's) positive spirit," Gori said. Claudia Gori
Camilla's legs. On her right thigh, she has a big scar from the biopsy a doctor did when she was 3 years old. By examining this sample, doctors can distinguish different forms of muscular dystrophy. Claudia Gori
Camilla rides on the scooter she uses to go out. She can't walk more than few steps. Claudia Gori
Camilla takes a shower while sitting on a chair. It's one of the more difficult things she has to do. Claudia Gori
Camilla spends time with her boyfriend, Jesper, in their home in Randers, Denmark. Claudia Gori