'The Wiz Live!': You loved it

Queen Latifah as The Wiz, Shanice Williams as Dorothy, Elijah Kelley as Scarecrow, David Alan Grier as Lion, and Ne-Yo as Tin-Man  in "The Wiz Live."

Story highlights

  • The live musical aired on Thursday night
  • Social media had a positive response to the show

(CNN)If social media is any indication, "The Wiz Live" was a hit.

There was plenty of love for the Thursday airing on NBC. Twitter appeared to love it all -- the cast, the costumes, the music and the dancing.
The production was held in honor of the 40th anniversary of the Broadway musical "The Wiz," a black adaption of L. Frank Baum's "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz."
    Newcomer Shanice Williams received high marks as Dorothy and fans seemed thrilled with the addition of Stephanie Mills (who originated the role of Dorothy on stage) as Aunt Em.
    Amber Riley, Queen Latifah, Common, Ne-Yo, Elijah Kelly, Mary J. Blige and David Alan Grier were all applauded for their performances as part of a production which included plenty of singing and dancing as well as a few brief acrobatic sequences.
    This was the third of NBC's live productions, and despite really good ratings for the first two, there were a few complaints about the quality of both "The Sound of Music Live" and "Peter Pan Live."
    On Thursday night the biggest complaint seems to have been that there wasn't enough Toto.
    According to TVLine, ratings for "The Wiz Live" were up 34 percent from the airing of "Peter Pan Live" a year ago.
    NBC has already scheduled a second airing for Saturday, December 19.