Breaking the cycle of homelessness

Published 2:44 PM ET, Thu December 3, 2015
01 CNN Hero Kim Carter01 CNN Hero Kim Carter
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Through her Time for Change Foundation, Top 10 CNN Hero Kim Carter helps homeless women and children reclaim their lives. KRISANNE JOHNSON for CNN
The group provides housing, counseling and job training, as well as services to help women reunite with their children. KRISANNE JOHNSON for CNN
"Homeless women and children -- I call them invisible people. We pretend that we don't see them," Carter said. "But I see them. And I know there's something we can do to help them." KRISANNE JOHNSON for CNN
Carter and her group helped Griselda, right, reunite with her two daughters. "I can never, ever get back those years that I lost with my daughter, but I can help make sure another mother doesn't lose time with hers," Carter said. KRISANNE JOHNSON for CNN
Since 2002, more than 800 women have benefited from Carter's program. KRISANNE JOHNSON for CNN
As part of Carter's program, women create individual plans for self-sufficiency, and the group provides services and support to help them reach their goals KRISANNE JOHNSON for CNN
Carter plays a game with children and their mothers at the foundation's affordable housing complex in San Bernardino, California. KRISANNE JOHNSON for CNN
Carter spent more than a decade cycling in and out of prison and homelessness. In 1993, she was accepted into a rehabilitation program that started her on a path to overhaul her life and get clean. KRISANNE JOHNSON for CNN