House Speaker Paul Ryan's (accidental) mic drop

Speaker Ryan drops the mic (accidentally)
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    Speaker Ryan drops the mic (accidentally)


Speaker Ryan drops the mic (accidentally) 01:42

Washington (CNN)House Speaker Paul Ryan is new, but he's already delivered a mic drop moment -- accidentally.

While appearing on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," Ryan -- who was appearing remotely from the U.S. Capitol -- literally dropped his microphone and said, "Oh, crap" while bending down to pick it up.
During the technical difficulty, Ryan asked hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, "Can you hear me?"
Brzezinski laughed while Scarborough responded, "We can hear everything, Paul."
    Once the hiccup was over, Ryan was asked how he's worked to unify the Republican Party. Ryan cited success in passing the anti-Syrian refugee bill a few weeks ago and Thursday's vote on the five-year highway bill.
    After, MSNBC contributor and Huffington Post Politics editor Sam Stein, told Ryan that they "might have to check with the (congressional) historian (because) you might be the first speaker to say, 'Oh crap,' on live TV."
    "That's about as harsh as my rhetoric gets," Ryan responded with a smile.