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Trump signs woman's chest
CNN  — 

Surging in the polls, Donald Trump celebrated at a rally on Wednesday night in Virginia by signing one ecstatic supporter’s chest.

Trump has always been fond of stamping his name on high-rises and hotels, but this marks uncharted topography for the GOP primary front-runner.

It was a scene more reminiscent of a rock concert than a political rally, but also a reminder of a high-profile incident from Trump’s past.

In July, a lawyer named Elizabeth Beck came forward to accuse Trump of calling her “disgusting” after she requested a break to pump breast milk during a 2011 legal deposition.

Asked about the incident by CNN’s Dana Bash in a July interview, Trump lashed out.

“She wanted to breast pump in front of me and I may have said that’s disgusting, I may have said something else. I thought it was terrible,” he said. “She’s a vicious, horrible person.”

Describing the incident on CNN’s “New Day” also in July, Beck recalled an angry scene.

“He got up, his face got red, he shook his finger at me and he screamed, ‘You’re disgusting, you’re disgusting,’ and he ran out of there,” she said.