Trump: My health is 'perfection'

Jersey City residents: Donald Trump claims are 'not true'
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    Jersey City residents: Donald Trump claims are 'not true'


Jersey City residents: Donald Trump claims are 'not true' 03:08

Story highlights

  • Donald Trump says he is releasing his medical report in two weeks
  • Trump, who is 69 years old, would be the oldest person to take the White House if he won

Washington (CNN)Donald Trump said Thursday he will release a doctor's report of his health within two weeks and it will show "perfection."

"As a presidential candidate, I have instructed my long-time doctor to issue, within two weeks, a full medical report-it will show perfection," Trump tweeted Thursday morning.
If he won office in November, Trump would become the oldest person to assume the presidency, taking the oath of office after he turned 70. Ronald Reagan, the oldest person to take the office, was 69 years old when he was inaugurated in 1981.
    The only candidate in the field older than Trump is Bernie Sanders, who would be 75 years, 5 months if he took office in January 2017. He underwent a hernia surgery earlier this week. His campaign has not yet said if it will release a full health report.
    Earlier in the morning Trump touted his health after a Politico report Thursday morning pointed out that he had called on other candidates to release their medical reports but had not released his own.
    "I consider my health, stamina and strength one of my greatest assets. The world has watched me for many years and can so testify-great genes!" Trump tweeted, before he announced he would in fact release a doctor's report on his health.
    In 1999, Trump was asked on "Larry King Live," "Do all candidates owe us their medical reports?"
    "I think so," said Trump, according to Politico. "I think you don't want to get into a situation where you elect someone and then you find he's terminally ill and he'll be in office for about three more months."