Donald Trump: I'm going to Israel

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  • "Very soon I'm going to Israel," Trump said on Wednesday
  • Trump's announcment comes one day ahead of a conference where he'll address top Jewish Republicans

Manassas, Virginia (CNN)Donald Trump revealed on Wednesday that he's going to take a trip to Israel soon, one day ahead of a conference in Washington where he'll address the top Jewish Republicans in the country.

Trump was speaking Wednesday night in Manassas, Virginia, where he was asked about his stance on supporting Israel.
"Very soon I'm going to Israel," Trump said. "I'm going to be meeting with (Prime Minister) Bibi Netanyahu."
    The GOP front-runner said he "love(s)" Israel and will support it whole-heartedly -- and attacked President Barack Obama for not doing enough to support the U.S. ally.
    On Thursday morning, the real estate mogul will be speaking before the Republican Jewish Coalition at their presidential forum in Washington, where the pro-Israel audience will be looking for candidates to come out strongly in favor of the Jewish state.
    Trump did not give any details about when the trip will occur. The campaign did not immediately respond to a request for more information.