The dogs which search out Sudan's hidden landmines

Published 5:57 AM ET, Wed December 2, 2015
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Dr Muiz Ali Taha, founder of the canine mine clearance program in Sudan. Yousra Elbagir
Marco poses at a training demonstration. Yousra Elbagir
Handler Omar Salih with Marco, a Rottweiler and German Shepard cross. Yousra Elbagir
Dr Muiz Ali Taha was initially trained as a vet, before running the mine clearing program. Yousra Elbagir
Training goes on in Soba, north of Khartoum. Yousra Elbagir
The training is done using detonated landmines. Yousra Elbagir
A dog on a land mine clearance operation in Girgir, eastern Sudan. Terad Hassan
Landmines are a significant problem in Sudan, and have caused more than 2000 casualties since 2002. Terad Hassan
Dogs can search out landmines faster than humans can. Terad Hassan