Christie Brinkley in a bikini will get you in the gym

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Former model Christie Brinkley is 61

She has authored a book on "Timeless Beauty"

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We’re still in love with an “Uptown Girl.”

Christie Brinkley recently posted some shots of herself in a bathing suit, and they are inspiring. At 61, the former supermodel is once again proving that age is nothing but a number.

She also posted photos with two of her children, Jack and Sailor, showing that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in the good looks department.

Brinkley is the author of “Timeless Beauty,” in which she shares her strategies for looking your best at any age. She recently spoke to the Huffington Post about how far the modeling world still has to go in terms of appreciating the wide range of beauty.

“I think that my industry has come a long way, although we’re still a little too appreciative of the super, super unhealthfully skinny body,” she said. “People’s bodies come in every shape and size, and I really believe that all shapes and sizes should be celebrated as long as that’s your natural, healthy weight.”

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