Stage fright hasn't sidelined singer Chelsea Wolfe

Chelsea Wolfe, backstage in Washington D.C., is on a tour promoting her new album "Abyss."

Story highlights

  • Singer-songwriter Chelsea Wolfe struggles with anxiety and stage fright
  • Wolfe started writing music at age 9 years but didn't start performing until she was 25
  • She used to perform with a black veil over her face

Washington (CNN)In a small, dark club in this city's hip U Street corridor, Chelsea Wolfe stands at a microphone before a sold-out crowd, swaying back and forth as she sings and plays guitar.

She often closes her eyes, seemingly engrossed in her dark, atmospheric music. Between songs, she keeps her banter brief, offering an occasional "thank you."
After watching Wolfe play several songs from her new album, you might not guess that she grapples with anxiety that can make it difficult for her to perform live.