Great gadget gifts for under $100

Updated 2:39 PM ET, Fri December 4, 2015
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The updated Roku 2 lacks the voice-search remote control of the Roku 3 and a headphone jack for private listening. But it offers pretty much everything else -- speed, easy search functions and a wide selection of apps -- at an affordable price. Unless you're a iOS user and want to stay within Apple's walled garden, it's a fine choice for streaming. For an even cheaper option, consider the special edition Roku SE (it may be sold out; check for updates), which costs just $25. Roku
Fitness trackers are practical, but they've never been much to look at. The stylish Jawbone Up2 does everything you expect from such a device -- measuring steps, counting calories burned, tracking your sleep -- with a sleek, lightweight, rubber-and-aluminum design. Jawbone
The Oculus Rift, perhaps the most eagerly awaited consumer product in the emerging virtual-reality market, doesn't go on sale until next year. But if you can't wait, this more affordable headset -- also powered by Oculus -- may do for now. Snap your Samsung phone into the headset, download a game or a VR video, and you're immersed in a bright, 360-degree world. It doesn't work with non-Samsung phones, however. Samsung
This Drop connected scale, geared to bakers and any cook who has trouble adapting or following recipes, syncs with an iPad to display precise measurements and eliminate margins of error. It's easy to use and doesn't hog your counter, and the accompanying app offers hundreds of recipes. One drawback: It works only with Apple devices. Drop
What are two things you always take with you when you leave home? Your keys and your phone. The NomadKey lets them work together by adding a compact USB charger to a keychain -- no more carrying around tangled cables -- so you can power your phone or tablet on the go. It works with Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. Nomad
Bluetooth speakers are everywhere these days, but not many are this stylish AND waterproof. The saucer-shaped UE Roll is designed for mobile listening at the pool or beach, comes in six playful colors and includes an attached bungee cord if you want to strap it to something. Its rechargeable battery claims to power nine hours of music playback.
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Yes, you can read books on your tablet or phone, but the glare won't make your eyes happy. The Paperwhite's display simulates the experience of reading a physical book, and the device weighs less than a paperback. Amazon updated its top-selling e-reader this year with a higher-resolution display that boasts twice as many pixels as the previous model and a new font, "crafted from the ground up for reading on digital screens." Business Wire
Carrying a laptop around can be a hassle. And typing on a phone or tablet for long periods is not ideal. Here's a solution: this portable wireless keyboard that works with Android and Apple tablets and folds into a rectangle that slips easily into a coat pocket or purse. An actual keyboard, not a touchpad, it has built-in holders that prop up your device while you type. Zagg
Yes, Apple just came out with the fourth generation of its streaming box, which adds an app store, voice search through Siri and a remote that doubles as a Wii-like motion controller for gaming. But if you don't care about those features (say, if you're not a big gamer) you can snap up its now-discounted previous model, which does most of what the new one can for $80 less. Apple
If you're an avid Instagrammer or smartphone photographer, this kit is for you. It includes two lenses that mount over your phone to add cool effects to your images, such as a sweet spot of focus surrounded by blur -- like a spaceship hitting light speed! -- or repeated reflections. The lenses come with mounting brackets and fit iPhones or Android models. lensbaby
Forget bulky charging cases that turn your phone into a brick: This one, for the iPhone 6, is the most compact case Mophie has ever made. Thin and lightweight, it adds only .3 inch of thickness to your phone, with a weight less than 3 ounces, and promises to boost your battery life by 60%. mophie
These aren't the hippest cans in the world, but for the price, they pack great sound quality across all genres of music. As all-purpose headphones, they are lightweight and comfortable, thanks to leatherette earpads and an adjustable padded headband, and they deliver natural audio that's akin to listening to a live performance. Creatve
Lots of wearable devices track your steps, heart rate and so on. But what about your posture, which can strain your back, sap energy and even affect your mood? This lightweight little device clips on to your shirt at your upper chest and sends a gentle vibration when your body slouches away from what you've calibrated as your ideal posture. It syncs wirelessly with iOS and Android devices -- and it measures your steps, too. Lumo
If you're biking in an unfamiliar area and get lost, you typically must ask someone for directions or stop and pull out your phone. Now there's a third option: a GPS device that mounts on your handlebars, connects via Bluetooth to your phone and gives turn-by-turn audio navigation, complete with flashing turn indicators. At the end of your trip, the CycleNav app shows distance traveled, calories burned and other stats, giving you a snapshot of your ride. Schwinn
An accidental dunking or a walk in a rainstorm can ruin your phone. Add protection (and peace of mind) with this rugged, waterproof case that will guard against dirt, sand, mud and sudden splashes. Lifeproof says an encased phone meets military drop specs and will survive being submerged 6 feet underwater for an hour. Available for newer-model iPhones or Samsung Galaxy phones (pictured is a Samsung Galaxy S6). Lifeproof