China's dinosaur discoveries

Updated 10:00 AM ET, Fri February 3, 2017
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The fossil of 195-million-year-old dinosaur Lufengosaurus preserved as found in the ground in Yunnan Province, China. Researchers discovered ancient collagen and protein in one of its ribs. courtesy Robert Reisz
An artist impression of the Limusaurus. The Ostrich-sized dinosaur was found in Xinjiang in China's far west. Researchers say it lost its teeth as it matured. Portia Sloan Rollings
An artist's impression of the feathered Tongtianlong limosus or 'mud dragon' dinosaur. A paper on its discovery was published in Nature Scientific Reports on November 10, 2016. Zhuang Chuang/Nature
The discovery of the hualianceratops, from the same family of dinosaurs as the triceratops, was announced December 9 2015. Its fossils were discovered in the Gobi Desert, western China. Portia Sloan Rollings
In 2005, paleotologist Xu Xing and a group Chinese paleontologists excavated the bones of this giant bird-like dinosaur. It's believed to be 8 meters long and weigh 1.4 tons. Its arms were long and legs were bird-like. Zhao Chuang and Xing Lida
Revealed in 1996, this was the very first feathered fossil to be unearthed and offered the first evidence that birds are descended from dinosaurs. Zhao Chuang
At nine meters long and weighing more than 1.4 tonnes, it's the largest feathered animal known to have lived. Named by Xu Xing in 2012, it's been described as a feathered Tyrannosaur. Brian Choo
Xu announced the discovery of the four-winged microraptor in 2003 although scientists believe it glided rather than flew -- shedding light on how birds' ancestors learned to fly. Brian Choo
This mule-sized, four-winged dinosaur was discovered in Liaoning Province. At two-meters high, it's the largest winged dinosaur found but although its short arms have substantial quill like feathers, researchers think it couldn't fly. It was memorably described by one paleontologist as a "fluffy feathered poodle from hell." Courtesy Chuang Zhao
This unusual dinosaur with bat-like wings existed for a very short time 160 million years ago during the Jurassic Period. Dinostar Co. ltd
This parrot-sized species of dinosaur had only finger. It was discovered in Inner Mongolia and named after the city of Linhe. Julius Csotonyi
Paleontologists discovered a 50-ft "dragon" dinosaur species in 2006 in southwestern China's Chongqing. The species is thought to have roamed the earth 160 million years ago in the Late Jurassic period. Courtesy Zhongda Chuang
Named by Xu in 2006, this dinosaur, half the size of a man, may have had a coat of primitive feathers. Zhang Zongda