Fans mourn after tragic death on 'Doctor Who'

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  • A major character died on Saturday night's "Doctor Who"
  • Fans mourned the loss on social media

Warning: Stop reading if you haven't seen this week's "Doctor Who."

(CNN)We knew it was coming, but it was devastating just the same.

Jenna Coleman's final episode of "Doctor Who" was a tear-jerker as her character, Clara Oswald, sacrificed herself, taking the death penalty for graffiti artist Rigsy.
Clara had the idea of transferring a tattoo (which counted down to death) to herself in order to buy time for Rigsy, who had been falsely accused of murder.
    She didn't realize that it meant certain death for her, but as her fate became clear she told the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) not to let her death change him and faced her chilling demise (by a ghostly raven) with bravery.
    Clara had been the Doctor's companion for nearly three years and had particularly good chemistry with Capaldi, as the 12th incarnation of the Doctor.
    #DoctorWho trended on Twitter and Facebook after the show aired in the UK and U.S. on Saturday, as "Whovians" (plus "Doctor Who" alum Nicola Bryant) expressed their sadness about the episode.
    There have been no announcements about Clara's replacement as yet, but Coleman, 29, certainly had a memorable run.
    She can next be seen in the film "Me Before You" and as Queen Victoria in "Victoria."