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Meredith Artley is the Editor in Chief for CNN Digital. This is her occasional column in which she selects some of CNN's strongest digital work.

(CNN)For one long week, the horrific attacks in Paris have been the focus for CNN teams and audiences around the world. The lives lost, the global response, the emotions of anger, fear and resilience -- these are among the powerful themes of one of the biggest stories of our times.

This is also a story with rapid developments, constant breaking news and few signs of slowing down. For your weekend, here is a sample of just some of the unique journalism that is worth reflecting upon.

A tribute to the victims

Jean Jullien's "Peace for Paris" drawing has become a memorial symbol.
130 people -- each out for a typical Friday night to meet friends, eat, drink and be entertained -- died in the attacks. This somber tribute will continue to update as we learn more about the lives lost to terrorism.

    Away from the action

    A replica of the Statue of Liberty in Paris is one subject captured by Tomas van Houtryve.
    Photographer Tomas van Houtryve turned his lens away from the memorials and tourist destinations to see if, and how, life was returning to normal. What he found is in this striking photo essay of one of the world's most cherished cities, titled "Paris, elsewhere."

    Explaining and contextualizing

    The state of the war on ISIS -- how it started, where it stands now and what could be next -- from Ashley Fantz and Deborah Feyerick.
    The name ISIS hates to be called, from Ben Wedeman.
    What to do in the event of a terror attack
    What to do in the event of a terror attack


      What to do in the event of a terror attack


    What to do in the event of a terror attack 01:42
    Advice you should never need but may want to know: What to do in a terror attack. By Max Foster.

    Immersive video

    Our digital video team was on the ground with a virtual reality camera, with the mission to capture the sights and sounds of Paris. These 360 videos have been viewed millions of times on CNN's main Facebook account and across our sites:
    From the altar at Notre Dame.

    Views and voices

    The CNN opinion team is publishing provocative pieces on the attacks from a wide range of voices, including:
    "Why my state won't turn refugees away" by Delaware Gov. Jack A. Markell
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