Ex-House Intel chair blasts Obama race arguments against Republicans

Story highlights

  • Former House Intelligence Chairman Mike Rogers said that President Barack Obama is accusing Republicans of being bigots instead of answering their questions
  • Obama has mocked Republican governors unwilling to accept Syrian refugees

Washington (CNN)Former House Intelligence Chairman Mike Rogers accused President Barack Obama Friday of using race to attack Republicans instead of answering valid questions about Syrian refugees.

"The President created this problem when he decided that it's you're either with me or you're some kind of a bigot or a racist. That is so non-productive," Rogers, a former House Republican from Michigan, told CNN's Chris Cuomo on "New Day."
Thirty-one governors have said they will not accept any of the 10,000 refugees Obama has agreed to accept, citing fears that an ISIS terrorist will slip through.
    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a Republican White House contender, said he would not even accept a 5-year-old Syrian orphan. Obama has repeatedly mocked Christie and other Republicans this week.
    But Rogers, who is now a CNN contributor, said the President has made the argument into "'You don't like people of color. Therefore I'm right, you're wrong.' That's the wrong way to approach this and we'll never get to a common sense answer if we continue to have this fight."