CNN Student News - November 20, 2015

CNN Student News - 11/20/15


    CNN Student News - 11/20/15


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November 20, 2015

We start today's show with an update on this week's police raid at a Paris apartment, now that authorities have confirmed who was inside. We feature an in-depth report on how the ISIS terrorist group maintains its grip on the areas it governs, and we follow that with a look at how the U.S. Congress is getting involved in a national refugee debate. Finally, take a look at the most expensive object ever made, and hear why a driverless car was recently pulled over.
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1. Name the president of France, who called recent terrorist attacks on his country "an act of war" and said his nation would fight back.
2. Name the global economic summit, which was held recently in Turkey, where dozens of world leaders stood for a moment of silence to show solidarity with France.
3. What are the three colors of the French flag, which glowed from landmarks worldwide following the attacks on Paris?
4. After issuing a new report involving the U.S. meat supply, the American Academy of Pediatrics is encouraging parents to buy meat raised without what manmade substance?
5. About how many pieces of space junk, such as rocket parts or broken spacecraft, does NASA estimate are floating in orbit?
6. In what country was an international soccer game canceled this week because police said they'd received "concrete evidence" that someone was planning to bomb the event?
7. How many Syrian refugees does the Obama Administration say it will accept in the U.S. next year, causing a national debate over which states will admit them?
8. Name the pitch-correction software, widely used in American music, that was invented by a former Exxon engineer named Dr. Andy Hildebrand.
9. CNN's 2015 Hero of the Year, Maggie Doyne, made her life's work helping and teaching children in what country?
10. Featured on Friday's show, what is known as "the most expensive object ever built"?
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