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Trump: I'm going to bomb ISIS

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Donald Trump is hitting the first three primary states with a new round of radio ads

The four 60-second radio ads are the second phase of a $300,000 ad buy

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Donald Trump is hitting the first caucus and primary states with a new round of radio ads, including one national security-focused spot that mentions the terrorist attacks in Paris.

“The tragic attacks in Paris prove once again that America needs to get tough on radical Islamic terrorism,” Trump says in one ad released Wednesday. “President Obama and other politicians have consistently failed us.”

Trump vows once again to “bomb the hell out of ISIS” and that “no one – and I mean no one – will mess with us” if he is elected president.

The four 60-second radio ads are the second phase of an on-air effort Trump’s campaign launched two weeks ago in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. Trump narrates two of the four ads in the $300,000 buy, while his campaign Co-Chair Sam Clovis, an influential Iowa Republican, and a female New Hampshire resident voice the remainder.

Trump’s campaign has yet to release any television ads, with Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski calling radio “an effective means of communication.” He added money was “not a factor” in deciding to do radio versus television ads, which are costlier.

In the national security-focused ad, Trump hits President Barack Obama as “out of touch” and lacking a strategy to combat ISIS, while also decrying Obama’s decision to allow Syrian refugees into the U.S.

One of two Iowa-targeted ads released Wednesday is narrated by Clovis, an influential Iowa conservative activist who unsuccessfully campaigned last year for Republican nomination for Senate and previously headed former Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s presidential campaign in Iowa until Perry dropped out.

“I’ve gotten to know a lot of great Republicans along the way. Most of them really wanted to help change things, but there was one big hangup in the end: they were all part of the old guard and they don’t want things to change,” Clovis says in the spot. “We need a real change. I’ve gotten to know Donald Trump and was so impressed I wanted to be part of this historic effort.”

The ad narrated by Clovis also comes on the heels of influential Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King’s endorsement of Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, who is also competing with Trump for Iowa’s conservative vote.

Trump narrates the second Iowa spot, in which he slams politicians as “all talk and no action” and knocks his opponents as “puppets” of big-moneyed special interests.

The final ad features Louise Buck, a New Hampshire resident who says in the ad she is voting for Trump because he “is the only non-politician running for president who has experience negotiating and creating jobs all over the world.”

All of Trump’s ads also tout Trump’s strong stance on illegal immigration, including his pledge to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and to force the latter country to bankroll the cost.