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Parisians are returning to city's bars and cafes following Friday's terror attacks

Many on social platforms are using #JeSuisEnTerrasse to show support

CNN  — 

Defiant French are returning to the streets and cafes, posting images on social media to show they are not cowed by Friday’s terrorist attacks.

It’s the latest move from people using social platforms to fight back against terrorists who tried to take away Paris’ iconic sidewalk scenes, to show that despite the worst intentions of the gunmen, they will not give in.

In a display of peaceful resistance, Parisians have adopted the hashtag #JeSuisEnTerrasse – which translates to “I am on the terrace” – to make a very public declaration that they will not easily resign their way of life.

Search for the hashtag and images of Paris begin to flood timelines: photographs showing coffee in cafes, drinks in wine bars and people enjoying each others’ company.

Vaiana Guego, a fashion student born and raised in Paris who posts using the moniker “Sukkye,” is one of many who have taken to Instagram to proclaim their love for the city.

“The recent events were really awful. I got lucky because I was at home with my friends instead of this neighborhood, which (is where) I usually go. We were just chatting around a glass of wine, having a good time when we heard what happened.”

Guego says she posted because she wanted to show the world that the French are not afraid and will continue to live on. “The way I see it is that French people have never and will never bow under terror.”

“I don’t know if it will achieve anything but I want to show that we are standing up (to the terrorists).

“I was afraid and sad the first night (and) I lit up a candle for the victims. But now what good would it bring to stay at home? This weekend I have close friends coming to Paris and (we) are going to celebrate life for them.”

Maxime Lalevee is a Masters student at ISEE Business School, a local college near La Belle Equipe. “I don’t want to be afraid about these terrorists,” he says. “These kinds of attacks can appear anytime.”

“We are French, we love drinking with friends, dancing, eating some French food.

“I don’t want to agree with the terrorists by staying at home, if you do that, they win.”

Lauren Said-Moorhouse contributed to this story.