The Democratic presidential debate jabs in GIFs

Washington (CNN)Saturday's Democratic presidential debate, hosted by CBS and the Des Moines Register, featured the least amount of candidates on a debate stage thus far but many memorable exchanges between the trio of remaining Democratic presidential candidates: Hillary Clinton, Martin O'Malley and Bernie Sanders.

From finger wags to points, here are the most GIF-able moments out of the debate at Drake University in Des Moines.
When O'Malley tried to cut in on answering a question.
    When Sanders clarified his position on apologies.
    When Sanders disagreed with a wag of his finger on Clinton's stance on health care.
    When Sanders wanted to talk about Wall Street but they had to go to a commercial break.
    When O'Malley talked about immigration the way he said Donald Trump never would in a debate.
    When a moderator told Clinton her views in 1994 on a single-payer system sounded Sanders-esque, and Clinton said she waited for a revolution that never came.
    When O'Malley told Clinton what he thought of her Wall Street proposal.