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Something happened this fall, America. Your major political candidates and president started to cuss at you. We won’t reprint the offending words here, but we will point out the potty mouthed politicians:

First, Bernie Sanders talked about Hillary Clinton’s “d###” emails. Everyone was sick of them, he said.

01:04 - Source: CNN
Bernie Sanders: People sick of Clinton's 'damn emails'

Second, Rand Paul mocked his own “dumba##” livestream. He was only taking part because he was running for president.

Then, President Obama said “bada##.” He was honoring the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team.

Jeb Bush said the words “f### you” in an offhand way an interview in a bus. He was describing what a woman had basically said to him.

And Sanders said “bulls###” during a rally in Las Vegas. He was trying to get people interested in political action.

01:03 - Source: KSNV
Bernie Sanders: Politics isn't 'bull'

Finally, Donald Trump said he’d bomb the “s###,” out of ISIS during a speech. He was describing his foreign policy.

02:00 - Source: CNN
Trump goes on 95-minute tirade at rally

Three makes a trend, right? We’ve got six in-public on-camera cursing events.

Politicians, surely, have been swearing just like the rest of the world for as long as there have been swear words. But heretofore, in the United States, they haven’t been so brazen about it. George W. Bush called a reporter a “major league a##hole,” during a moment with Dick Cheney when he thought he wasn’t being recorded. President Obama called Kanye West a “jacka##” when he was setting up for an interview. And Joe Biden, most famously, told Obama the health care law was a “big f###ing deal” when he didn’t realize people would hear him. Those are just the ones where they got caught. Now, apparently, they feel okay about doing it in public.

Please draw your own conclusions about what, if anything, this new development says about the state of American politics and culture.