The political teaches of Peaches

Art often reflects the political pulse of society and the issues that people care about. Throughout the 2016 election cycle, CNN Politics will be profiling various influential and politically conscious artists in the "Get political" series.

(CNN)Long before gay rights were ever in the forefront of mainstream American politics and long before a president of the United States had ever acknowledged the civil rights of transgender individuals in a state of the union address, there was Peaches Nisker.

The Canadian-Jewish electronic musician is a techno rockstar, an audacious songwriter and a sexually charged performing artist, who has been spouting off lyrics that crush social mores about feminism and sexuality since the start of the century with albums like "The Teaches of Peaches."
"Gay rights are trending. People are telling me for the first time 'What you're saying is important," Peaches told CNN. "I hope it's not just a trend. I hope we're moving forward."
Peaches' overtly sexual songs, some of which address gay and transgender rights, have been featured in movies like the cult classic teen movie "Mean Girls," "Waiting ...," "Jackass Number Two," "Lost in Translation," and shows like "Lost Girl," "Ugly Betty," "Thirty Rock" and "South Park."
    "I definitely call myself a feminist and I do believe any woman who doesn't call themselves a feminist is lying to themselves because why wouldn't you want to have equal pay? Why wouldn't you want to have equal rights?" Peaches said. "I think it's also very important for men to be feminists because ... the goal in the end for me is humanist."
    Get a glimpse of Peaches' politics and go to a Peaches performance in the video above and check out more from the series.