Refugees wait for a boat to a new life

Published 6:30 AM ET, Thu November 12, 2015
Greece Lesbos_01Greece Lesbos_01
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Tens of thousands of migrants have arrived on the Greek island of Lesbos in recent months. In early November a CNN team met little Meryem, who was hit by shrapnel from a barrel bomb in the Idlib province of Syria. The piece of shrapnel very nearly struck her heart, says her mother Amroon who was also hit in the same attack. It tore through her left hand, leaving it with little range of movement. Gul Tuysuz/CNN
Farah (R), 10, is from Baghdad. She has been waiting with her younger brother and parents for a boat to Athens for two days. When asked why they are leaving, she says, "the situation in Baghdad is not good, that's what daddy said." Gul Tuysuz/CNN
Ali is 15 months old. He's also waiting to get on a boat to Athens. His hometown of Jarablus in northern Syria is an ISIS stronghold. His uncle, who he never got to meet, was one of the first five people beheaded for attempting to resist ISIS in Jarablus. Gul Tuysuz/CNN
Emine and Wahibe, aged 2.5 and 4, respectively, are sisters from Aleppo, Syria. They are waiting with their parents for the boat to take them to Athens. Gul Tuysuz/CNN
Confiscated boat motors at the customs area in Lesbos. Officers there say this is just a tiny fraction of the motors they have impounded from refugee dinghies coming to the island from Turkey. Gul Tuysuz/CNN