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Cause of crash is unclear

No one on the ground was injured

CNN —  

A small jet plane crashed Tuesday into a residential building while approaching an airport in Akron, Ohio, killing everyone on board, authorities said.

“It’s unknown how many are in the plane at this time. We do know there are deaths in the plane, but we don’t know how many or who the passengers are,” Ohio State Highway Patrol Lt. Bill Haymaker told reporters at the scene.

Haymaker said the twin-engine plane, believed to be a Hawker jet, had the capacity to carry 10 people.

The aircraft clipped telephone or electrical wires, Haymaker said, before plowing into the building – originally described as a “home” – and then an embankment. In a statement, the Ohio State Highway Patrol later clarified that the plane struck a four-family apartment complex.

“The plane became engulfed in flames, which ignited the residence that it originally struck, and then also continued on to another residence,” Haymaker said.

No one was in the complex when the plane crashed, and no on the ground was injured.

Investigators with the Federal Aviation Administration were on their way to the accident site and the National Transportation Safety Board has been notified.

The cause of the crash was not immediately clear. Video from the scene showed cloudy skies and wet streets.

According to the FAA, the plane crashed as it approached Akron Fulton International Airport. It was flying in from the Dayton area.

“Definitely it could have been a lot worse,” said Haymaker. “However, we are dealing with … occupants right now that are deceased at this time and it’s unfortunate.”