Jindal offers Christie a juice box, Twitter drinks it up

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  • Juice boxes have a break out night at the GOP debate
  • Here are some of the best tweets about a special moment

(CNN)Juice boxes for all!

Bobby Jindal made a peculiar pitch about halfway through the junior varsity debate on Tuesday night in Milwaukee. Christie had been touting his conservative record in Democrat-heavy New Jersey, when Jindal responded — applauding his effort, but belittling the results.
"I'll give you a ribbon for participation," Jindal joked. "And a juice box."
    Christie appeared miffed by the line, but dutifully pivoted to criticizing Hilary Clinton.
    Naturally, JIndal's quirky comment immediately gripped Twitter, which was flush with jokes (some better than others) and even some multimedia.
    Here are a few of the best Tweets:
    By the time all the tweets had come in, the original message had become a little bit muddled.
    Jindal was obviously pleased with the feedback. His campaign started fundraising off the line just minutes after the governor left the stage.