Hillary Clinton changes her tune on Republicans

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  • Hillary Clinton says she gets along with Republicans in office, just not campaigns
  • Clinton changed the tune of her half-joking debate comment about Republicans being enemies

(CNN)Hillary Clinton cast Republicans as enemies in a Democratic presidential debate, but when a woman who described herself as a long-time supporter pressed Clinton at a New Hampshire town hall Monday night, Clinton changed her tune.

The questioner -- who said she was a supporter since "the cookie incident," when Clinton dismissed staying at home and touted her working-woman life during Bill Clinton's 1992 campaign -- said she'd never been so disappointed as when Clinton called the GOP her enemy at the CNN debate. She asked if Clinton would commit to extending an olive branch if she's elected.
Clinton said she would, and that her problem with Republicans is in campaigns, not governance. She added she would do "whatever I can" to find common ground with the GOP.
    "It will be a contentious election and what I have found in my 20-plus years of experience in this arena is that when I am in office, I have great relations with Republicans. They say wonderful things about me," Clinton said. "When I am running for office, it is a bit different."
    The Democratic front-runner in the 2016 presidential race drew criticism for her inclusion during a debate in Las Vegas of the GOP among the enemies she's proudest of making.
    She has since described that comment as "a little tongue in cheek."