Michael Stokes' photos of wounded warriors

Updated 6:52 PM ET, Mon November 9, 2015
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Redmond Ramos, a Navy corpsman, lost a leg after stepping on an IED.

"After losing my leg, I realized how lucky I was to return home with only a paper cut," Ramos said.
Michael Stokes
Chris Van Etten, a U.S. Marine, sustained multiple injuries when he stepped on an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan.

"I still have demons; we all do," he said. "But I refuse to let them control who I am."
Michael Stokes
Mary Dague, an explosive ordinance disposal technician in the Army, lost her arms after disarming an IED. Michael Stokes
Bryan Anderson, an Army sergeant with the military police, lost his legs and a hand from an IED. Michael Stokes
Brad Ivanchan, a Marine, lost his legs after stepping on an IED.

"We define our disabilities," Ivanchan said. "Our disabilities do not define us."
Michael Stokes
Alex Minsky, a Marine, survived a 47-day coma, a broken jaw and the loss of an arm and a leg.

"If I am always smiling and laughing and happy, I attract people who are the same way," Minsky said. "I am so grateful to be alive today."
Michael Stokes
Earl Granville, a veteran of the Pennsylvania Army National Guard, lost his leg from a roadside bomb. Michael Stokes
Eric Hunter, a sergeant in the Army, sustained a multitude of injuries and lost his right leg from an IED. Michael Stokes
Michael Egan, a Marine, stepped on an IED that took out both of his legs in Afghanistan.

"Losing my legs helped me see the potential I had that I'd never realized," Egan said. "By being knocked down to the lowest possible point, I learned how to get back up."
Michael Stokes