A look inside the world of coffee

Story highlights

  • Sebastiao Salgado documents sustainable coffee farming in his new book
  • The images span 10 countries, showing workers and their environments

(CNN)The aroma of coffee is invisible to the human eye, but certainly not to the nose. The reality is that much of the world of coffee is like the aroma of it -- familiar, yet unknown, hidden from plain sight.

With Sebastiao Salgado's latest photo book, it is as though we have been invited to step inside and explore the depths of a silver treasure chest, one filled with black-and-white images of coffee's most invisible yet most precious ingredients: its environments and the people responsible for its realization into coffee cups around the world.
Salgado's photographic journey, "The Scent of a Dream: Travels in the World of Coffee," was done in collaboration with Illy, an Italian coffee company, and resulted from a common passion and value for sustainable development.
    "His project became ours, and ours became his: a project founded on a shared dream of respect for the environment and its people through the ideals of kindness, beauty and justice," Andrea Illy, chairman and CEO of Illy, wrote in the photo book.
    Salgado's images document the traditional methods of sustainable coffee farming. And while the images are inherently similar in subject matter, they are just as rich in diversity.
    Photographer Sebastiao Salgado