Donald Trump calls on GOP opponents to drop out

Story highlights

  • Donald Trump said several times Tuesday that candidates who are polling poorly should drop out of the 2016 race
  • Trump mentioned Jeb Bush by name during an ABC interview but he declined to say specifics at his press conference
  • Trump is promoting a new book, "Crippled America," that he released Tuesday

(CNN)Donald Trump on Tuesday called on some of his fellow contenders for the Republican presidential nomination who are polling poorly to drop out.

"There are too many people ... If a person's been campaigning for four or five months and they're at zero or one or two percent, they should get out," Trump said at a news conference in response to a question from CNN's Sara Murray.
Trump declined to call out by name the candidates whom he believes should end their bids, but earlier on Tuesday told ABC Jeb Bush should drop out of the race, saying the former Florida governor "has no chance" and is "wasting his time."
    "Other people should get out because I would like to personally have more time to talk about the problems of the United States and more importantly how to solve the problems because we can solve the problems,' Trump said at his news conference promoting his new book, "Crippled America."
    Trump praised Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who cut short his presidential campaign in late September amid sinking poll numbers and poor debate performances. Trump suggested other candidates should follow his lead.
    "I think Walker did a good thing," Trump said. "He saw it wasn't happening, wasn't happening and he just got out quickly."
    Based on the last three national polls, here's who falls into Trump's category of who needs to drop out from the Republican side:
    - Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina
    - Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal
    - Former Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania
    - Former New York Gov. George Pataki
    - Former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore