Trump on Rubio as VP: 'Most likely not'

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  • Donald Trump told radio host Colin Cowherd he would "most likely not" pick Marco Rubio for vice president
  • Trump said the professional sports franchise he'd buy is the New York Yankees

Washington (CNN)Marco Rubio might be rising in the polls -- but Donald Trump says he still wouldn't consider the Florida senator as the Republican vice presidential nominee.

"Most likely not," Trump, the Republican presidential front-runner, said Monday when asked on "The Herd," a sports radio show hosted by Colin Cowherd, whether he'd consider Rubio as his running mate.
"I don't think, frankly, Rubio is going to make it. I think, to me, he's a lightweight," Trump said.
    The real estate mogul said he'd consider hiring several of the candidates in the private sector.
    "A percentage of them, OK, but not all of them," he said. "I'm not impressed with all of them."
    Trump said there are several candidates in the 15-member Republican 2016 field he would consider -- though he didn't name any of them.
    Trump also addressed a dust-up with HBO's John Oliver, saying Oliver's assertion he's never invited Trump on his show is "just a lie."
    And Trump said the fact that Latino groups are protesting his upcoming appearance on NBC's "Saturday Night Live" "just makes the show hotter."
    Cowherd also asked Trump about several sports topics.
    Trump said the professional franchise he'd buy, if he were buying one, would be baseball's New York Yankees -- though football's Dallas Cowboys would merit consideration.
    He said he's not a fan of the National Football League's changes to lessen violence in the game. His advice for the league: "Don't make it too politically correct."
    And he praised New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's calm approach to late-game pressure.
    "You can't teach it. You're born with it," Trump said. "You don't see it often. It's very rare. And you'll see it with the great champions."