Everybody was 'Coming to America' this Halloween

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  • Beyonce and family dressed up as characters from the 1988 film
  • A Chicago restaurant became "McDowell's"

(CNN)Yes, we can all agree that Heidi Klum remains the queen of Halloween with this year's Jessica Rabbit costume.

But "Coming to America" didn't do too bad, either.
Eddie Murphy, left, and Arsenio Hall in "Coming to America."
For some reason, the 1988 film starring Eddie Murphy as Prince Akeem, who leaves his native Zamunda to find love in New York along with his BFF Semmi (played by Arsenio Hall), enjoyed a resurgence this Halloween season.
    Music's royal family -- Beyonce, husband Jay Z and daughter Blue Ivy -- dressed up as characters from the film, much to the delight of fans. Beyonce was styled as Akeem's mother, Queen Aoleon, with her husband in the Eddie Murphy role and Blue as Imani Izzi, Prince Akeem's betrothed.

    Coming to America🎃

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    But they weren't the only ones making the rounds on social media as "Coming to America" characters. One adorable family added in a Semmi, in his McDowell's restaurant uniform, and the character of singer Randy Watson (also played by Murphy).
    Another group was praised for pulling off their costumes without donning blackface.
    One Halloween celebrant noted that while he and Jay Z sported similar outfits, the rapper/mogul beat him out in the date department.

    I mean, Jay-Z is rich and he had Beyoncé last night so I guess he wins. But great minds think alike I guess lol

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    In yet another nod to the film, The Wiener's Circle, a hot dog restaurant in Chicago famous for its abrasive employees, outfitted itself as "McDowell's," the restaurant in "Coming to America" that is a blatant ripoff of McDonald's.
    Employees donned the uniforms, the McDowell's sign was erected outside, and a photo of Louie Anderson as McDowell's Employee of the Month Maurice was hung.

    Happy Halloween - Check out our costume

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    Welcome to McDowells. Home of the Big Mick.

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    Hey @arseniohall and @eddiemurphy, this pud has stolen your title. We've got 2 vests w your name on em. Come down!

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