Should you let your kids gorge on Halloween candy?

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  • Jill Castle, dietitian: Candy is not great, but OK for kids to eat it at Halloween if there's a plan for portions
  • She says the trick is to deal with the candy left over after the holiday, and there are several good strategies for that

Jill Castle is a dietitian, nutritionist and childhood nutrition expert. She is the author of "Eat Like a Champion: Performance Nutrition for Your Young Athlete," co-author of "Fearless Feeding: How to Raise Healthy Eaters from High Chair to High School," and creator of "Just the Right Byte," a childhood nutrition blog.

(CNN)I have been through many Halloweens. As a pediatric nutritionist, and a mom to four kids, I have faced the annual candy conundrum: We want our kids to eat healthy things all year round, but on this one day, we allow a mountain of candy into our homes and say: OK, you can eat that. Most of us, at least.

Is this a disastrous idea? It would seem that way at first: Candy is scary for many parents, and for good reason.