Leonardo DiCaprio has a look-alike who lives in Sweden

A bartender in Sweden is a dead ringer for "Titanic" star Leonardo DiCaprio, here  with Kate Winslet.

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  • Konrad Annerud is a 21-year-old bartender
  • He gets mistaken for Leonardo DiCaprio often

(CNN)They say that everyone has a twin, and Leonardo DiCaprio's apparently lives in Sweden.

Meet Konrad Annerud, a 21-year-old bartender who so resembles the "Titanic" star that it's made him a social media sensation.

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To be sure he's more of the 1990s DiCaprio, circa "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" and "The Basketball Diaries." The bartender's Instagram account could easily be mistaken for that of a young DiCaprio's.
    Annerud told nyheter24.se in an interview that he sometimes gets called by the actor's name, which can become tiresome.

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    It is especially hard when he's abroad, he said, with people yelling, "Leo," at him when he was in Italy last summer and wanting to take pictures.

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    Yet Annerud appears to be taking it all in stride, telling the publication it's fun looking like DiCaprio as "he's handsome."