Celebs do Halloween right

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Celebrities are showy by nature, and lots of them like to make Halloween their very own stage for make-believe.

Supermodel Heidi Klum is famous for her elaborate Halloween parties, during which she showcases increasingly inspired costumes: One year she was a very realistic ape, another year Lady Godiva (complete with a real horse) and don’t forget her controversial Hindu goddess costume.

Other models are giving Klum a run for her money this year by turning up the heat on Halloween: Chrissy Teigen rocked a hilarious Guy Fieri getup on TV’s “FabLife.” Miranda Kerr made for a stunning Marilyn Monroe. Emily Ratajkowski channeled the fiery spirit of Blondie’s Debbie Harry.

This year’s most popular costumes

It’s not only models who are showing up and showing off this Halloween: “Glee” and Broadway star Matthew Morrison hosts an annual masquerade ball, where his former co-stars and other Hollywood types dressed to kill.

Check out the gallery above for those and more 2015 celebrity Halloween costumes.

Costumes to avoid this year