Kurdish Family Stuck in Moscow Airport

Published 8:45 PM ET, Wed October 28, 2015
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The children of Hassan Abdo Ahmed Mohammed sleep on an air mattress at a terminal in Moscow's Sheremetyevo International Airport. Katya Letova / Meduza
Hassan Abdo Ahmed Mohammed, his wife and their four children wait in a Moscow airport terminal. They've been there about 50 days. Hassan Abdo Ahmed Mohammed
The family's possessions, are pictured stacked against a wall in the Moscow airport terminal. Katya Letova / Meduza
The children have put stickers on the glass around the area in the airport where the family spends at least half the day. Katya Letova / Meduza
One of Hassan Abdo Ahmed Mohammed's children sits on the air mattress inside the Moscow airport terminal. Katya Letova / Meduza
The family's possessions crowd a corner of the terminal. Katya Letova / Meduza
Pictured is the view from a corner of the airport terminal where the family has been staying. Katya Letova / Meduza