Carly Fiorina hits Hillary Clinton on economics ahead of debate

Washington (CNN)Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina is picking a fight with the only other woman in the presidential race, writing that Democratic policies have helped the richest in the nation and hurt the nation's middle class.

Fiorina, who saw a sizable bump in support after her performance at the second Republican debate but has since seen her support fade, hit back against Hillary Clinton's stump line that the economy does better under Democrats.
"People at the top seem to be doing just fine under the policies she extols," Fiorina writes in a Wall Street Journal op-ed published late Monday. She added later, "That's because big government only works for big business, the powerful, the wealthy and the well-connected."
    Specifically, Fiorina writes that "in the period 2009-12, 95% of income gains went to the top 1%" and stated that the Democratic-backed Dodd-Frank banking regulations had actually supported the nation's big banks while limiting small banks.
    Fiorina's comments come shortly before Republicans are set for their third debate Wednesday, which will focus on economic issues.
    The conservative populist tone is in stark contrast to Democrats like Clinton and Bernie Sanders who state that Republican and conservative policies have concentrated wealth at the top.