When famous people are 'pumpkin-ized'

Updated 1:38 PM ET, Sat October 26, 2019
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Each year, Jeanette Paras selects a person in the news or pop culture and paints a giant pumpkin caricature. "Well this year Rudy Giuliani has been in the news a lot lately and he certainly is monopolizing the news," the pumpkin creator said. Jeanette Paras
Donald Trumpkin, a 374-pound pumpkin, became the Trumpkin Elf this December. He is modeled after Buddy in the Will Ferrell movie "Elf." Jeanette Paras/CNN iReport
Meet Donald Trumpkin, a giant pumpkin that looks a bit like GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump. The creator, Jeanette Paras, has been taking celebrities and noteworthy people and making them into caricatures on pumpkins for more than 25 years. Jeanette Paras/CNN iReport
In 2014, Paras turned a 384-pound pumpkin into a likeness of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Courtesy Jeanette Paras
When Miley Cyrus twerked on stage at the 2013 VMAs and made the news repeatedly for her appearances, she became fodder for a Paras pumpkin. "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson appears beside Cyrus, as his 2013 anti-gay comments led him to be suspended from the show. Jeanette Paras/CNN iReport
Prince Harry made headlines after naked photos of his highness surfaced from his August 2012 trip to Las Vegas. Naughty Prince Harry turned into a pumpkin that year. Jeanette Paras/CNN iReport
Paras sometimes creates pumpkin paintings for events, like this 746-pound rendition of The Hulk at former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland's residence to promote green energy in 2010. Jeanette Paras/CNN iReport
Jon Stewart, Oprah and Betty White weigh in at 170, 198 and 150 pounds, respectively, on Paras' front porch in 2010. Jeanette Paras/CNN iReport
Remember when rapper Kanye West snatched the microphone from Taylor Swift during her speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards? We do too. Jeanette Paras pumpkins
Kanye West appeared on "The Leno Show" the next day, apologizing for the VMAs stunt. "It was rude, period'," he told Jay Leno, pictured here. Jeanette Paras pumpkins
Carol from "Where the Wild Things Are," weighs in at 1197 pounds in 2009, next to Paras. Jeanette Paras/CNN iReport