The Doppelgänger dolls: can you pick the real from the coincidence?

By Georgia McCafferty, for CNN

Updated 5:31 AM ET, Fri October 23, 2015
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Can you pick out the real Bastian Schweinsteiger?
Which one is "Saving Private Ryan" actor Matt Damon, and which is "Ryan" from the "101st Airborne Division" in DiD's WWI-US figurines?
Famous Hollywood gangster, Robert De Niro, looks at lot like "Chicago Gangster II: Robert" from the DiD website
This Depp-esque doll was advertised as "Chicago Gangster 1930 John."
"Military Intelligence Section 6 - MI6 Agent Jack" -- on the right -- looks eerily similar to Daniel Craig, who has played a secret agent of some renown.
Ed Harris or "Brigadier General UMSC Force Recon - Frank"?
"Koulikov" looks a lot like Ron Perlman, who played a grizzled sniper in the 2001 movie "Enemy at the Gates," but we couldn't pick the beautiful woman next to him. Can you?