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Video shows apparent airstrike on hospital
Gaziantep, Turkey CNN  — 

After the first airstrike hit near a hospital in eastern Idlib, Syria, no one was injured, according to one local man.

But then the warplane returned.

“Run, the plane is coming back,” aid workers can be heard saying on video, right before the next explosion hits.

Activists say the incident was a “double-tap.” That’s when attackers strike, wait for first responders to arrive and then hit the same spot.

A dozen people were killed in the incident, which was caught on video by the Syrian Civil Defense, a humanitarian aid group.

The Syrian-American Medical Society, which runs the hospital, says the strikes were launched by Russian warplanes.

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Russia strongly denies the claim, saying it is not targeting civilians during its military operations inside Syria.

Russia began airstrikes in Syria in September to help the government of Bashar al-Assad Assad fight terrorists, Russia says.

Some Russian airstrikes have appeared to hit areas controlled by various rebel groups, including some that are supported by the United States.

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Multiple hospitals targeted

This is the third report in a week of hospitals being targeted in and around Aleppo, Syria.

Video from a rescue group shows what it says is an unexploded cluster bomb.

Russia denied on Thursday that it used cluster munitions.

Assad’s regime has been accused of using cluster bombs in the past, accusations the government has denied.

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